Home Renovation Projects to Consider When Selling a Home

When considering any future home renovation projects, you might note the best choices for improving the home's appearance while actually adding value to your home. This is especially important if you are considering putting your home on the market sometime in the future, as not all renovation projects will actually increase a home's value even if they improve the home's appearance. Note a few renovation projects to consider that can actually do both, by improving the home's appearance and even its overall resale value.

New flooring

You may not give much thought to your home's flooring, but old carpeting, worn timber slats and outdated tiles can actually make a space seem very shabby, no matter the decor and style of the room. Older floors can also be warped and then creak with every step, which might make a home seem old and rundown.

New tile, timber slats, or updated carpeting can enhance the appearance of a home. Also, if you repair the subfloor and add strengthening joists or shims between beams while installing new flooring, this can make the home more structurally sound and potentially increase its value.

New windows

New windows can mean a more attractive appearance, as updated window frames can seem clean and attractive. You might also change the style of windows to something larger and that lets in more light and air, such as casement windows, which open with a hinge to one side, or bay windows, which jut outward in three separate sections. New windows can also be more energy efficient, as they cut down on the drafts allowed in the home and can also reflect UV rays to keep the home cooler in the summertime, and this can also increase a home's value.

New roof

A home's roof can add or detract from its overall appearance, as an old roof can look faded and worn and may be sloped in some areas, making the house look old and shabby. A roof that is missing tiles might also make the home seem rundown and neglected. A good choice for increasing the value and appearance of a home is a metal roof, which can often be fitted right over a home's older roof. A metal roof can be powder coated in a variety of colours, so you might opt for a russet red to match a brick home or a slate grey to match a grey, white, or blue home. A new metal roof can then make the home look better while providing better insulation and thereby increasing a home's value.