3 Things to Look for in Electromagnetic Locks on Automated Gates

If you've decided to install automated gates at the entrance to your company's premises, then you may have decided to go for electromagnetic locks. These locks are sturdy and secure, so they look like the best option for the gates.

However, before you make a final decision, it's worth making sure that the locks will do the best possible job. There are some essential features you should look out for. What are they?

1. Weatherproofing

If your gates are out in the open or only partly covered from the weather, then you need to make sure that your locks have some weatherproofing protection. Typically, you should look for locks that are suitable for outdoor use.

So look for locks that are completely waterproofed. You don't want the lock to short out because water or moisture gets inside and messes with its power supply. It's also a good idea to pick a lock material that is corrosion-resistant. If a lock rusts, then it may ultimately stop working correctly.

2. Spike Suppression

If your lock relies on electrical power, then you need some peace of mind that problems in the power supply won't affect it. For example, an electrical surge can push too much power through some devices. This can damage their mechanisms and stop them from working.

The last thing you want is a lock that can't open or shut because of a surge. You may not even know that this has happened until someone tries to use the gates and finds that they aren't working.

So look for products that have built-in surge protection. This prevent power spikes from affecting locks and keeps them running smoothly.

3. Power Cut Protection

Power cuts can also cause problems in some electromagnetic locks. If the lock loses its power, then it can't work. While this may not seem a bad thing, it can have some safety implications.

For example, if you lose power because of a fire on your site, then you need everyone on the site to be able to get out of all exits. If automated gates lose power and can't open, then someone could be trapped behind them. The emergency services may have problems getting on to your site.

Ideally, locks should come with a battery back-up or, at the very least, they should be set up to lose their electromagnetic charge as soon as power is cut. This prevents them from locking shut.

To find out more about electromagnetic locks, talk to your automated gate supplier.