Thinking Of Having Ornamental Wrought Iron Fencing Installed? Read This!

Installing fencing for the first time may seem to be an easy task. Simply reach out to a fencing company, select the materials you want and have the fencing installed by professional contractors, right? While these steps are involved in the fence installation process, you should note that more thought and consideration needs to go into your selection of fencing so that the final product does not disappoint you. This is especially crucial if you are leaning towards wrought iron ornamental fencing to add some elegance to your residence. Since this material is much more durable than its timber counterpart is, it is also a better investment for your fencing needs. Nevertheless, several things need to be in mind once you opt for this type of fencing. Read on to learn a few things worth noting when having ornamental wrought iron fencing installed.

What design do you want for your ornamental wrought iron fencing?

The first decision you need to make before fencing installation can commence is the style that you envision for your wrought iron fencing. One option that you can consider is matching the style of the ornamental wrought iron to the design features of your residence. As a result, your ornamental fence will appear to be part of the initial residential design since it complements the primary structure. However, if you live in a neighbourhood where all the houses look the same, then your ornamental fencing will not stand out. On the other hand, if you want your ornamental fence to add a statement to your property, you could opt for an individualistic style that will make the structure conspicuous on its own. For example, you could opt for a gothic style that is characterised by finials and spirals, lending your ornamental wrought iron fencing a distinguished appearance.

Is privacy your primary motivator for fencing installation?

The second decision you need to make is whether privacy is a top priority for your property or not. Ornamental wrought iron fencing is characterised by its fairly see-through design comprising curved metal. Thus, while the ornamental nature of this fencing is eye-catching, it also means that passersby have an unhindered view into your property. If this is a concern for you, then you should consider integrating an additional material to the design of the ornamental wrought iron fencing so that it is less open. For example, the fencing contractors could integrate timber or brick to cover the spaces between the fencing and subsequently protect your privacy. You could also take it a step further and utilise your landscaping to enhance the privacy of your property by planting shrubbery and climbing vines close to the wrought iron ornamental fencing.

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