Useful Attributes of Chain Link Fencing for a Home

If you're investigating fencing options for your home, you would have come across barriers using slat designs or tubular metal, among others. While they may not be the first style that springs to mind, chain link fences also possess attributes making them useful for a residential property. Read on to discover more.

Versatile Uses

Chain link fences are versatile, as you can use them in various ways. For example, you can line the perimeter of your front yard to block pedestrians from cutting across your garden. Alternatively, you can encircle a dog run or a vegetable patch to keep out wild animals. If you're into sports and you love tennis, you can use a chain-link fence to contain tennis balls in the court area. To install a chain-link fence, contractors cement posts into the ground and attach the mesh. So these barriers are quick and easy to set up, and you won't have to undergo major construction. The rolls of webbing and posts come in different heights, so it's a matter of choosing the correct size.

Decorative Options

While chain-link fences may not be known for their decorative qualities, they can be adapted to look more attractive. First, you can install coloured mesh covered in PVC in green, black or brown. Additionally, you can enhance the fence by weaving slats through the diamond wire webbing, vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The slats come in assorted colours like blue, red, yellow and orange. Another possibility is to snake wooden slats through the mesh or faux green fronds to create a hedge-like effect. You could use this idea at the side of a patio and create a trellis look. Finally, for a rustic environment, attach bamboo screening along a chain wire fence. These embellishments also block the view and make the wall more private. They also offer shade for the garden or outdoor living spaces.

Thus, you can fashion a chain-link fence in various ways and use them for different purposes. For example, you can create a front wall that you can leave open or make more private by weaving slats and attaching other screening materials. Additionally, you can use the wire mesh for a sports area, a trellis, or even a dog run.

Chain link fencing consists of durable steel protected with a zinc or PVC layer to inhibit rust. Thus, once you tailor the fencing to your property, you can feel confident that it will last for many years and withstand the elements.