Expert Tips for Installing Aluminum Fencing

Finally, the aluminium fence you ordered has arrived, and everything looks in place. All that remains is replacing the damaged section. Since you are only dealing with a small section of an aluminium fence, it is not a bad idea to install it yourself. In fact, fence contractors often encourage property owners to work on small sections and leave the installation of an entire fence to professionals. That said, you should consider certain factors when installing an aluminium fence to ensure successful installation. 

Stake Your Posts in Advance 

One of the biggest mistakes property owners make when installing an aluminium fence is forgetting to stake the posts in advance. Many property owners eyeball the pole locations, not knowing that it increases the chances of making serious accuracy errors. Besides, you may have to rework the fence layout, which can take a long time. Thus, fencing contractors advise property owners to stake the positions of each aluminium post for measurement purposes. It reduces the chances of errors and eliminates the need to rework a fence configuration, especially when you only have the weekend to complete a project. Additionally, staking posts helps avoid mixing and matching them since units are pre-punched and designated as corner pieces, in-line posts or end posts.

Begin Installation with Fence Posts 

When installing wooden fence posts, you can start from anywhere because you can make changes if you make a mistake. Unfortunately, you do not have the luxury with aluminium fencing since most come pre-punched to allow a snug fit. Therefore, if you install the wrong post, you might have to order a new set. Notably, you should start with gateposts, then work your way out to avoid measurement problems or odd gate locations. Furthermore, gate posts for aluminium fencing must be set deeper since they hold a gate's weight. By starting the installation process with gateposts, you eliminate the chances of digging a shallow hole.

Anchor Aluminum Fence Posts on Concrete 

Notably, concrete creates an excellent base for aluminium fence posts, but it is not enough. The reason is that daily wear and tear on a fence cause sagging, eventually weakening an entire fence. Thus, experts recommend that property owners bolt down each post to a concrete base using a floor flange. The device acts as an excellent anchor, preventing sagging as a fence ages. Most importantly, remember to let the concrete dry for a secure anchor.

Contact a local fence contractor to learn more about aluminium fence installation.