Different Looks You Can Create With A Colourbond Fence

Colourbond fences are modular in that they offer various elements that your fencing contractor can combine in different ways. So they provide a lot of flexibility in how they look.

You'll have a choice of posts and panels featuring distinct profiles. You can also add post caps, decorative latticework and horizontal slats on the top. Thus, regardless of the placement of the fence and your house's architecture, you can style it to harmonise. Consider the following looks you can achieve.

Utilitarian Boundary Fence

Are you looking for a boundary fence option for your backyard? You could opt for colourbond instead of a wooden paling fence that tends to rot and sag. To create privacy and establish the property perimeter, you might want something utilitarian so that the barrier will be unobtrusive.

First, you can opt for a relatively neutral colour such as beige, fawn or grey for the metal panels. Or you could pick brown or green tones. You may have to negotiate the colour with your neighbours so everyone is happy. To keep the design subtle, match the colour of the metal panels and posts rather than contrast them.

A simple corrugated style will keep the look practical and sleek. For example, opt for a flat, angular profile and slimline posts that blend seamlessly. Matching colourbond fencing plinths can fill gaps underneath the fence will give you and your neighbours complete privacy.

Decorative Front Fence

You can also style a colourbond fence to look decorative by contrasting the colour of the posts and metal panels and adding lattice or ornamental post caps. Consider what type of profile you want first. You can pick between various options. As well as angular designs, you could choose a rounded wave contour, often seen on roofs. This classic shape also comes in a mini size, so the waves are smaller and more frequent across the panel.

You could choose sand metal panels and grey-black posts and top rails for high contrast. Or install an earthy, muted green panelled fence with beige posts. You can also set the metal panels on other materials, such as a low stone wall, creating an interesting juxtaposition.

If you have a contemporary house, you could opt for a sleek charcoal fence to contrast against light-coloured external walls. Or install a green barrier around a red-brick house with yellow-beige trim. You'll have plenty of fence profiles and colour options regardless of your home's architecture.