All the Tips You Need for Installing a Chain Link Fence Gate

Chain link fences are excellent for partitioning farm paddocks. You can count on the fence to keep all your cattle and birds in the areas you designated for them. The fence leaves nothing to chance because none of the animals can creep through the fence openings and stray into other areas. When you have a couple of paddocks, it makes sense to put up a fence gate that allows you to move from one yard into another with ease. You will also have an easy time when navigating with equipment such as wheelbarrows and lawnmowers. Here are some tips you need for setting up a chain-link fence gate:

The Materials You Need

What are some of the materials and tools you need for this project? They include a hacksaw, tape measure, water in a bucket, bolt cutters, hole diggers, concrete mix and tension bars. You also need rail ends, terminal posts and aluminium fabric tie for chain link. You will encounter some additional materials as you read the rest of the information.

Taking Your Measurements

Use the tape measure to take measurements and determine the width and height that work will suit your gate. Transfer the measurements that you get to the top rail of the fence in the gate's location, allowing you to take the 'inside' measurements. Leave a few inches that will be taken up the gate's accessories and hardware. Thereafter, slip your tension band over one of the posts to determine the width of the bolt hole.

Cut and Dig

Cut directly over the marks you made on the top rail. Your bolt cutters will suffice for this. When done, get your poly cord and bind it to your two fence posts. Make sure that the cord extends over a straight line. It should also line up to your gate. Dig holes to accommodate your gateposts. The holes can be approximately two and a half feet deep. Pour a few inches of gravel into the holes to help with drainage. Follow with a mixture of water and concrete right before you set the posts into the hole.  

Line Up Your Posts

Align your gateposts using a level and poly cord. Fill the rest of the holes with soil and stamp gently. You should add concrete at the top until it forms a dome at the base of the post. Use a hacksaw to trim your posts to the desired height, cover them with caps and attach the gate hinges. Finish by fixing the gate to the hinges.

To learn more about fence gate installation, contact fencing contractors in your area.