Reasons To Install An Aluminium Slat Gate In Your Front Garden

It can be hard to choose a front gate when it comes down to it with so many combinations of design and materials available. To help you in your research, consider the following reasons to install an aluminium slat gate

Privacy Or Openness? You Choose

While some gates offer little privacy, such as picket and wire designs, others create a virtual fortress: you only need to consider high opaque timber gates. Providing a happy medium, slat gates filter the street view, but the gaps give a lighter, more airy look, not forming a total block. You can design these gates with endless freedom, picking the slat width and in-between space to suit your needs. To enable a street view of your home's facade and garden, install narrow slats that are widely spaced, and do the reverse to produce almost total privacy. You'll have the opportunity with this fencing style to create a private oasis in your front yard, thus increasing your home's usable yard area for friends and family. 

Safe And Secure

If you're responsible for children and pets playing on your property, a slat gate creates a secure barrier that you can rely on. There's no point constructing a secure fence only for the entrance to be the weak link, being easy to climb over or get through. For a garden gate, ensure that the opening mechanism is high enough that young children can't reach it. Also, if you have a large dog, install a barrier that's tall enough to prevent them from escaping. 

Versatile Design Options

Slat fencing offers amazing versatility as you can install different colours in diverse environments to change the aesthetic. For instance, grey slat fencing within rendered cement pillars can look clean and modern. Alternatively, warm brown slats that evoke a rustic sense of timber are perfect for a yard full of Australian native trees. To blend the gate with its surroundings, cover it in a muted tone such as grey, green or black. Alternatively, install white or brightly coloured slats for emphasis. Factor in the hues on your home's roof, trim and the surrounding natural landscape when picking a gate colour to blend in or stand out. 

Durable And Long-Lasting

Aluminium naturally resists rust and so these gates, in particular, perfectly suit coastal environments. A powder coating—a baked-on coating of hard paint—adds additional surety. You can forget about resealing or other complicated maintenance regimes, as aluminium slat gates virtually look after themselves. Now and then, if needed, just hose the gates down with water.