Are you looking for lattice screening?

Whatever the nature of your yard or whatever you use it for, one thing that is certain is that you will want to make sure it is properly protected by fencing. Fencing is vital for clearly identifying the limits of your property and also for ensuring that you can enjoy privacy while relaxing outside.

What type of fencing do you need?

You could opt for a solid brick wall all around your yard, but apart from being expensive and time-consuming to build, a high brick wall doesn't always look attractive in a residential setting. A better option is to use lattice screening. Wood is always an attractive option, and lattice screening is a versatile product that is available in many styles and sizes and can be used in lots of ways. Here are three reasons that you should think about using lattice screening in your yard or garden:

Lattice screening is cheap and quick to install

With many types of fencing, you will have to put a lot of effort into installation and pay for expensive fencing panels. When you choose lattice screening, you know that the lightweight fencing is cheaper than most other options and can be installed into the desired location comparatively cheaply.

Lattice screening can blend with any environment

Wood always has a rustic charm that makes it a popular outdoor option. When you install lattice screening, you can opt to keep the screening its natural colour or you can have it painted to suit the natural environment, either by blending into to the colour scheme of your home or garden or by opting to have the lattice create a vivid contrast to the surroundings.

Lattice screening is great for plants

The one thing that everyone knows about a lattice screen is that it can be used to train climbing plants. With a little hard work, you can fill your lattice screen with climbing plants and create a colourful screen that would be a credit to any property. Simply choose your plants and create whatever lattice screening that suits your property whether that includes an archway, freestanding dividers or a property boundary.

To find out more about whether lattice screening could be the right solution for your property, talk to your local fence contractor today. They will be able to guide you through the various fencing options open to you and explain which would be the best fit for your location.