3 Reasons to Install Quality Pool Fencing

Home swimming pools are great things to have in your garden and they should be enjoyed by all the family. That said, any pool or pond is a potential hazard, so you need to take adequate countermeasures that will mean they can continue to provide fun and relaxation for everyone. This is where pool fencing is so important because it will create a division between your pool and the rest of the garden. Why should you only fit high-quality fencing to keep your pool segregated?

Protect From Drowning

You don't need much more than a few centimetres of water to drown in. If someone suffers a blow to their head as they stumble, then a puddle could be enough to result in a fatality. With a pool, the situation is even more serious for anyone who falls in due to the greater depth. Bear in mind that non-swimmers should always be kept away from a pool unless there is proper supervision in place. Even people who are good at swimming can suffer greatly if they are in their clothes or have been drinking before tumbling. The simplest way of keeping people and pets away from your pool is to fence it off properly.

Comply With Local Standards

There are several different safety standards for pool fencing that are in operation Australia, depending on which state you happen to live in. Most will specify that the fence cannot be easily climbed over and that gateways must be self-latching. There again, the proximity of the fence to walls and shrubs may also be regulated depending on the exact wording of the local standard. If you do not comply with all of the rules, then you could open yourself up for a big fine even if you have some protective measures in place. In short, it is not worth trying to bend the rules to save a few dollars.

Quality Fencing Looks Good

Although something like chain-link fencing might do the job of separating your pool and meeting the local regulations, it won't always be pleasing on the eye. Instead, homeowners should opt for superior alternatives, such as stainless steel or aluminium pool fencing. After all, you don't want to look out over your garden towards your pool only to see an eyesore in front of you. With higher quality fencing, the whole pool area should be better integrated with the rest of your home and garden's design.

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