How Do Colorbond Fences Fare in Harsh Australian Weather Conditions?

When choosing a fencing material for a home in Australia, you need to consider the impact of the weather. Australia often deals with extreme weather, like scorching hot temperatures, tropical storms and mega-sized hailstones. Because of this, you need a fencing material that can withstand all types of weather conditions. Colorbond fencing is reliable no matter what the weather is like.

If you are looking to invest in a new fence for your home, consider the benefits of Colorbond fencing when faced with Australian weather.

In wet weather, Colorbond fencing won't rust

Although steel will eventually rust if it is exposed to the elements or if it is mixed with other metals like iron, Colorbond steel will not rust. This rust protection stems from the several layers of protection that are baked onto the steel during the manufacturing process. These layers, including the polyester primer, keep water off the underlying layer of steel.  

In coastal weather, Colorbond fencing won't corrode

In coastal areas, fences can suffer due to the corrosive nature of the salt air. As such, wooden and iron fences are unsuitable for coastal regions as they will eventually succumb to corrosion. But the protective coatings on Colorbond fencing will ensure that salt or chlorine won't shorten your fence's lifespan.  

In windy weather, Colorbond fencing won't blow over

Colorbond fences can withstand windy weather conditions too. This is because they are installed in concrete in the ground. This gives them a secure footing that will prevent them from uprooting or dislodging in powerful winds. If you live by the coast, where winds can sometimes be powerful, Colorbond fencing is ideal.

In stormy weather, Colorbond fencing won't chip or crack

Australian storms are often tropical in nature. This means that as well as wind, rain and hail, you get wind-blown objects. These objects, such as bins, tree branches and even trees themselves, can damage fences. Colorbond fencing will dent if struck hard enough, but it won't crack or break like a wooden or PVC fence will. And because the paint is baked onto the steel, the paint won't flake or chip when the fence is struck.  

In hot weather, Colorbond fencing won't suffer sun damage

In very hot regions, the UV light from the sun can damage fencing materials. This is especially true in regards to paint, which fades in extreme sunlight. But Colorbond fencing can withstand harsh sunlight without fading or deteriorating. Eventually, you may need to paint your fence again, like all fences, but you can trust in the sun protection of a Colorbond fence.