Top Facts For Homeowners To Know When Working With Tubular Fencing

Tubular fencing is a low-maintenance and versatile type of a fence made primarily out of steel or aluminium. Metal rods are joined together to form a stylish fence that has many benefits compared to other types of fences, such as enhanced security, resistance to corrosion, durability and affordability. In residential areas, homeowners can install tubular fences on their property lines, around swimming pools or in the front and back yards. Here are some top facts to keep in mind when working with tubular fencing.

Design Options

One aspect about tubular fencing that makes it attractive for most homeowners is the wide range of design options available. When you are shopping for a fence, you want one that gives you a range of choices without limiting your style. Some of the best choices include spear tops that come in different shapes. Besides, you might opt for a flat or rod top tubular fence design. Other popular styles and profiles include Oxley ring, horizon, and other variants. These choices allow for various fencing applications in a residential setting. Talk to your fencing contractor for the best design option.


Homeowners must bear fence maintenance in mind before installation. Some fences are susceptible to rusting and scratches, and thus, might require regular maintenance. However, most tubular fencing materials, namely steel and aluminium, are low-maintenance. Therefore, buy tubular fencing material that is weatherproof and resistant to the elements. For example, powder-coated fencing reduces the likelihood of corrosion because of the protective layer. Another reason why powder coating is favourable is the failure to use harmful solvents or toxic compounds that can affect the environment or human health.

Colour and Finishes

Tubular fencing panels are available in a wide range of colours and finishes to suit every homeowner's preference. Black is the most common colour choice for most homes, but you can choose bright colours to accentuate your outdoor spaces, especially a pool area. Furthermore, panels come in different finishes, such as high gloss and smooth flow, for added aesthetic appeal.

Durable Fencing Material

Bringing the best fencing idea to fruition needs high-quality fencing materials. Therefore, consult your fencing expert about the size, dimensions, and material gauge. Tubular fencing panels should be of high quality to last for decades without needing replacement. Besides, buyers should always strive to get value for money in the end. Although the initial cost of tubular fencing can be high, benefits can be realised in low maintenance costs and longevity of the fence.