Tips for Cleaning a Frameless Glass Pool Fence

One of the best features you can install on a property is a swimming pool. Not only does it provide you with a serene space for relaxing in the afternoons, but it also increases a property's value. Adding a frameless glass fence takes the serenity and elegance to a different level. However, it is essential to keep frameless glass pool fences clean for longevity. This article highlights tips for cleaning a swimming pool's glass fence.

Clean Regularly 

You can get away with cleaning the glass balustrades inside your house every four weeks. However, you cannot do the same with a frameless glass fence because it is exposed to birds' droppings and the elements. If you leave the droppings on a glass surface for too long, they will etch the surface and leave an ugly mark. It is advisable to clean your glass fence as regularly as possible. For instance, if you notice birds' droppings on the surface in the evening, clean the following morning. Other dry dirt, such as soil and tree sap, should be scraped off gently. If you attempt to scrub off the dirt with a rough brush, you will likely scratch the glass. Scraping as much dry dirt off as possible makes cleaning easy and safe.

Early Morning/ Late Evening Cleaning 

Unless your swimming pool is located directly under a tree (not recommended), it is exposed to the sun all day. You should think about it because it affects your cleaning. The reason is that cleaning the glass in the sun allows a detergent solution to dry fast, leaving behind ugly streaks. Moreover, you will have a hard time wiping smudges off the glass. The best time to clean a frameless glass fence is early morning or late evening. During these times, the sun is out of sight, eliminating the formation of streaks.  

Do Not Forget the Edges 

Just because you have a squeegee, detergent, water and microfibre cloth, does not mean that you are ready to clean your pool's frameless glass fence. Although both sides of glass might be clean and sparkling, the edges could still be dirty. Unfortunately, many homeowners forget to clean the edges. Look for birds' droppings on the upper edge and accumulated dust and dirt in the corners. Wipe the edges off with a damp cloth for best results. That said, you must be cautious when cleaning the edges of a glass fence. Unless the edges are curved, only use little pressure to avoid cutting yourself.

Contact a local fence contractor to learn more about frameless glass pool fencing.